Potion of Treasure Finding


A potion of treasure finding empowers the drinker with a location sense, so that he can point to the direction of the nearest mass of treasure. The treasure must be within 240 yards, and its mass must equal metal of at least 10,000 coins or 100 gems or any combination.

Note that only valuable metals (copper, silver, electrum, gold, platinum, etc.) and gems (and jewelry, of course) are located. The potion won’t locate worthless metals or magical items which don’t contain precious metals or gems. The imbiber of the potion can “feel” the direction in which the treasure lies, but not its distance.

Intervening substances other than special magical wards or lead-lined walls will not withstand the powers that the liquor bestows upon the individual. The effects of the potion last for 5d4 rounds.


Potion of Treasure Finding

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