St Colvin's Key


Magasinpittoresq14pari 0156bFaith is the Key. St Colvin was a humble miner trapped in a cave in. He dug a hole in the ground in the shape of a cross. This cross slowly filled with water as from a spring and on lying in it Colvin was transported to safety.

(Critics that question a simple miner having such an ornate spade, or remarking Colvin was digging his own grave are wrongminded and will burn forever when the trumpet calls us home.)

A hole of a specific shape dug with this spade will fill with water. A second hole dug in the same shape will fill with water and form a gate to the first. This will only work in substrates that the spade can dig: sand, snow, coins, dung, earth, gravel. This will only work as long as the holes keep their shape— a square in sand might not even be possible, a circle in turf might last for decades.


St Colvin's Key

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