Power Tower

Once known as the Tower of Magic, these ruins challenge all who enter with strange magical forces. This tower was home to Zagig’s clerics and wizard apprentices. The tower originally consisted of a ground floor, ten upper stories (which magically repeated themselves ten times for a total of 100 stories!), two sub levels, and a great cavern deep under ground. Now the cavern and sub-levels are connected due to the desires of a secret ring of archmages.

Due to the strange magic permeating the tower, 1d20 must be rolled for every magical event perpetrated in the Power Tower. Constant magic such as armor or swords need not roll. Magical items which were created in this tower are nearly immune to this effect as are the spells of those who have been in the tower longer than a year (only 10% of the time should they consult
this table).
| d20 roll | Magical Deviation |
| l | Magic backfires (example: fireball centers on the caster) |
| 2 | Magic fails |
| 3 | Illusionary effects (Will save to disbelieve before applying the spell’s normal effects |
| 4-17 | Magic is normal |
| 18 | Magic works in strange but beneficial way (example: fireball creates volume of water and
drowns opponents) |
| 19 | Spell is Maximized (as the feat) |
| 20 | Spell is Maximized (as the feat) and allows no save |

A finely crafted wooden fortress attaches to the side of the stone tower, obviously of elven make. A two-level wooden platform rests atop two stone entrance walls. Each platform sports a ballista, each manned by two elves, and nine other elven archers man the parapets.

The elves will only allow a party into “their” tower if the party first agrees to give up one third of all magical items found or “play the game.” The game consists of throwing a pair of crystal dice (2d6) with the amount of treasure given up being determined by the dice results.

Power Tower

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