Tower of War

Zagig used this tower to store his arsenal of weapons and to house his own small army. In its lowest reaches is a corridor which might one day bring forth an invading horde of foul underworlders. The underworlders guard their great stairway with a giant capstone which is also a pyramid shaped temple to the god Nerull. Just as the underworlders were about to break into the castle, the demigod Vaprak released a band of monsters which laid waste to the lower levels. Now Nerull and Vaprak are locked in a deific battle over the loyalty of these underworlders.

This tower originally housed Zagig’s men-atarms. This fearsome army was led by the famed War Wagon and its escort of eight war chariots. The original construction consisted of a ground floor, ten upper stories, and a sub level under construction at the time of Zagig’s disappearance. However, about 50 years ago the denizens of the underworld began construction from deep within Oerth of a giant spiral stairway leading up into this tower as part of a great scheme to overthrow the City of Greyhawk.

A small but tough looking band of ten dwarves guards this tower. A small fort constructed exclusively of stone stands to one side of the entrance. The dwarves claim taxation rights on all gold retrieved from “their” tower. The band consists of Stillguar the captain, two guards named Dorogond and Arthton, seven warriors, and their pet brown bear. They will greet any adventurers with dwarven camaraderie (except elves who will merely be tolerated). They ask that the party agree to their terms of 1/3 taxation on all gold found or be willing to take the “Great Risk”. The great risk is a game in which two dwarven hammers are tossed to the ground and the way they land determines the results.

If a party agrees to their terms, the dwarves will supply planks and allow them to cross the pit into the tower. When the party returns, Stillguar will send one of the warriors across the pit to search them and divide up all gold. The party will then be allowed to cross.

Tower of War

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