Significant Deities

The following deities have particular ties to the ruins Castle Greyhawk and may grant additional story-based benefits to characters that worship them. For details on these deities see Greyhawk Pantheon.

Zagyg: Zagyg was once Xagyg Yragerne, the famed archmage and founding lord mayor of Greyhawk and constructor of Castle Greyhawk. The ruins are the remains of his mortal home and considered a holy site to his worshipers. Many remnants of his mortal life, and therefore relics of the faith, can be found in the depths of the dungeon for those brave enough (or crazy enough) to attempt to retrieve them.

Boccob: When he was a mortal, Xagyg was a worshiper of Boccob, and it was Boccob that elevated the Mad Archmage to godhood. It is said that all three towers of Castle Greyhawk include temple and shrines to Boccob. A priest restoring any of these shrines would likely find the favor of both gods.

Ulaa: A contingent of dwarven priests of Ulaa have laid claim to the Tower of War as their own property and have claimed taxation rights on the treasures of any adventurers entering or leaving the tower. A party which includes a member of the church of Ulaa (especially a dwarf) would likely be given free passage into the Tower of War, and could likely expect magical assistance from the dwarves as well.

Nerull and Vaprak: In the depths of the Tower of War was once a great temple to Nerull, said to guard a passage into the underworld. However, the lowest levels of the tower and many of the guardians of the temple have fallen under the sway of a rival god known as Vaprak the Destroyer. Nerull and Vaprak have both sent visions to their worshipers on the surface, calling for the faithful to descend into the tower and break the divine stalemate that currently exists.

Merikka, Wastri, Rudd, Iuz, Olidammara, and Fraz-Urb’luu: As part of his apotheosis to godhood, Zagyg required the capture and imprisonment of nine demigods of opposing alignments. Among his prisoners were the gods Merikka (LG), Wastri (LN), Rudd (CN), and Iuz (CE). In addition, the Demon Lord Fraz-Urb’luu and the deity Olidammara were also captured by Xagyg. While not part of the ceremony of his apotheosis, both of these powerful beings were imprisoned by the Mad Archmage. While these six deities have long since escaped from their imprisonment beneath Castle Greyhawk, many of their worshipers have attempted the delve into the depths of the ruins hoping to discover what power enabled the mortal Xagyg to imprison their lords.

Zuoken and Unknown Others: Of the nine demigods which it is known were required for Zagyg’s ascension, only four are known to have escaped. Of those remaining imprisoned, Zuoken is the only one known and worshiped in the Flanaess. Every year one or more groups of his followers have braved the descent into the ruins of Castle Greyhawk in an attempt to find their god’s prison and free him. None have returned. Although Zuoken is confined, his clerics continue to receive their spells normally, and it is believed that, if such are out there, the followers of the other four presently unknown demigods would be similarly blessed. What is known about the other four is that, according to the requirements of Zagyg’s ascension, they must be of the LE, NG, NE, and CG alignments.

Significant Deities

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