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Greyhawk Pantheon: For those that wish to play clerics or similar classes. Summarized from the Living Greyhawk: Official Listing of Deities for use in the Campaign supplement, ©2005 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Domains have been updated to Pathfinder standards by the GM.

Areas of the Dungeon: Where salient details of areas that have been explored shall be recorded.

The City: An otherwise uninteresting (for now) location where you can rest and recuperate between delves into the ruins.

Rumors: Things you might have heard about the dungeon and its environs.

Rulings: Where any on-the-fly rules changes or interpretations will be recorded.

Mechanics: Where campaign-specific mechanical changes will be made available. It is strongly recommended that you read this section first.

GMs Notes: Where system updates for encounters and areas within the dungeon will be recorded. Most of this section is GM restricted, but may be made public for review after certain encounters are completed or areas cleared.

Main Page

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